Bundle meets Chrissy

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 WE MET UP WITH ONE OF OUR LOVELY LOCAL MUMS CHRISSY (now a proud mummy to 3 children)….


1. Were you working when you got pregnant with your third child?

Yes, I was working two days a week as Entertainment & Royal Director at OK! and two days at week and the wedding venue my husband and I own, The West Mill in Derbyshire.

2. When did you go on maternity leave?

I went on maternity in December ahead of my January due date.

3. Where did you have your baby?

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

4. How was the birth?

Pretty horrendous, especially as my first two were incredible natural births. This time I opted to be induced so I could have more control about when it would happen.  My husband works away in the week and I wanted my two girls to know where I was and what was happening. 

I had an out of hospital induction so I could put my other two children to bed and make sure I had the right childcare in place. At 10am on the Monday, the midwives put a pessary in. They expected it to start working within 24 hours, but it pretty much started as soon as I left hospital. (to be continued – see Chrissy’s birth story!)

5. Did you breastfeed?

I breastfed for 6 weeks exclusively but following that, I couldn’t keep up with the amount of milk my boy needed and introduced formula. He was jaundice and his weight was worryingly low and the formula made him instantly fuller and satisfied for longer. My girls also needed their mummy rather than me being glued to my newborn. It was the best decision I’d ever made. 

6. How did you cope with the sleepless nights when juggling two toddlers?

I’m not going to lie, third time round has been a complete emotional rollercoaster. I felt teary from day 1 to week 6, then it seemed to get a little easier. My girls were fascinated with him at the start but that didn’t last long and then they hated me spending so much time feeding and giving him the attention a newborn needed. They are now the most caring and loving big sisters.

7. When did your baby sleep through the night?  (The loaded question!)

Ralph is 12 weeks old now and he still feeding at 10pm/ 2am and 6am just like my other two babies did. Now he is three months, I am going to introduce a routine, just like I did for my two other girls. It will include limited day time sleeping and more feeds, then a strict bath and bedtime routine at 6pm with last feed at 7pm and dream feed at 11pm.

8. If you could do all the early days over again – would you do it differently?

I wouldn’t change a thing. I had a night nanny once a week for 4 weeks just so I could have a full night of sleep to keep me sane, especially with my two toddlers.

9. Have you gone back to work?  If so, what is the biggest challenge when juggling being a mum and work?

Yes, but I I am just doing the odd keeping in touch day averaging one a week at the moment. The biggest challenge is the juggling childcare with no close family nearby.

.10. Best baby item you would not be without?

My ergo baby carrier. It means my baby is happy and I can run after my other two girls with him strapped to me. I also hired a Medela industrial breast pump from the chemist, it was life changing - and the bra to go with it so I could go hands-free!

11. Two top tips to give new parents?

Sorry I have 3!

1.    Enjoy the newborn stage as much as you can as they grow up so fast. Even on the hard days, remember that a good day will follow and this is a moment in time. 

2.    Accept help when and where you can. I found this hard at first but it’s so important to take time out for yourself and for each of your other little ones.

3.    I have realised not to strive for perfection. Simple survival is enough, keeping these little ones alive is our number 1 priority and if they’re happy, you’ll be happy. Don’t sweat the small stuff or compare yourself to other mums. Do it your way and remember you are amazing.