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Home support from £140

Skype consultation - £95

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Breastfeeding isn’t always straightforward and usually a helping hand is all you need.  Please do not suffer in silence. We know how challenging it can be both emotionally and physically and most breastfeeding issues are resolved relatively quickly.

Bundle breastfeeding consultants can provide you with one to one support visiting you at home or talking to you via Skype. The Skype consultation includes a pre-assessment via email, as well as an emailed summary after the call.  Our practitioner will listen without judging or criticising and give you the relevant information you need.

Please email team@bundlelondon.com for more information or call 020 7736 6665



£210 including division and 90-minute breastfeeding consultation

Research suggests that approximately one in ten babies may be born with some membrane under the tongue. But only about half of those babies display significantly reduced tongue function, making breast or bottle feeding difficult. 

These babies are likely to benefit from treatment to release the restriction that the membrane is having on the tongue and enable to baby to feed effectively. Please do get in touch if you suspect that your baby has tongue tie or if your health visitor/midwife has confirmed that this is the case. We work with expert tongue tie practitioners who will assess your baby at home and recommended the best route to take.

Please email team@bundlelondon.com for more information.

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