Antenatal Classes London

New baby. New friends.


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Bundle offers antenatal courses in London as well as postnatal classes to support you in the early months and years of being a new parent. We know that the first two years of your baby’s life is when the foundations that will support your child into adulthood are being laid.

We work with a team of wonderful people all of whom are experts in their specialist field.  You can access them by joining us and making new friends along the way.

Bundle also offer a concierge service and private antenatal classes that can be designed specifically to fit around your needs.

Our modern antenatal classes and antenatal courses are suitable for those looking to meet people and to make new friends.

Our antenatal courses start from £395 and run from Parsons Green in Fulham, SW6 3TQ and Wandsworth @ The Alma, SW18 1TF. To view the costs and dates click here.


Just some of our antenatal & postnatal services

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A brief summary of all Bundle Services

We offer antenatal courses in London and classes both in group and private format.

We offer Strong Mums classes which is run by a very successful PT and a women’s health physio.  How to stay strong during pregnancy; myth busting and a safe way to exercise

We work with two very good hypnobirthing practitioners so those looking for strategies to cope with their labour can get some great support

We want to ensure that parents are well looked after POST having their baby and run classes to meet the next milestones following on from birth – so we have

  • Breastfeeding support – home visits/skype calls and tongue tie assessment and cut if required

  • Baby massage classes suitable for baby from 6 weeks;

  • Baby weaning classes suitable for parents who are thinking about the next steps as far as feeding their baby is concerned;

  • Paediatric First aid courses which covers fever/rashes; diarrhoea/vomiting, falls and head injuries and meningitis.  We also look at home safety measures and what to have in your fist aid kid.

  • Baby and toddler sleep workshops – helping those parents make sense of why babies sleep as they do and give them strategies to deal with the more fussy sleeper

  • We work with a large team of experts and can put parents in touch with them dependent upon their needs.  (Acupuncture; women’s health physios; private pediatricians and GPs; registered nutritionist/dietician; counselling psychologist; sleep consultant)


Why parents should attend antenatal classes

Parents should attend antenatal classes to help them prepare for their baby’s birth and arrival.  Parents should be informed about the choices that they have – after all they wouldn’t plan a summer holiday without investigating their options and the same applies to birth.  Parents want to ensure that they have the right evidence based information to make decisions during their labour that are right for them, so that they can go away feel empowered whatever their birth choices are.  Over and above this, parents need a support network for once the baby has arrived and by attending antenatal classes, parents will make friends for life in their community going through the same huge life changing event as they are.  Apart from the support that they will receive from their new friends, their family and the community, they can reach out to their antenatal provider (Bundle) who will help them during this huge transition and put them in contact with the right area of expertise should they need it.


The benefits

  • Evidence based information so that they can make decisions = more in control

  • Practical tips on how to help labour progress

  • Evidence based information on pain relief options

  • Be more confident in looking after their baby (practically and emotionally)

  • Be more informed about breastfeeding/feeding

  • Be more informed about how baby sleeps

  • Make lifelong friends

  • Team of experts to help

  • Postnatal support

  • Get together/coffees within the community