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£165 per couple 




Sunday 9 June 


Saturday 8 June 



 £90 per couple 


More dates to follow

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Hypnobirthing is becoming an integral part of birth preparation, with more and more couples choosing to attend a workshop.  Hypnobirthing works on the theory that fear and tension makes labour pain more intense and that adrenalin slows down the labour process. It centres on relaxation exercises to help you have a birth that could result in less medical intervention.  You will use easily-learned visualisation and breathing techniques to increase your chances of a calmer and more comfortable birth.   

Your birth partner is encouraged to attend so that he/she is better placed to support you.  Whether this is your first or second pregnancy, or whether you are hoping for a hospital or home birth, hypnobirthing can help.  Our practitioners offer full day group classes (dates and timing above with more to follow), private one-to-one at your home or a shorter two and a half hour form called Breathe to a Better Birth which combines the key techniques of hypnobirthing, relaxation and mindfulness and is an ideal complement for those who want a sound practice to support a managed birth.  

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