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Suitable for babies from six weeks to nine months

£65 per person




Thursday 12 September
Thursday 14 November

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Please come and join one of our baby sleep workshops aimed at babies from six weeks, run by one of our lovely sleep experts.  Our consultant will offer tips and expert advice on getting your baby into a better sleep pattern, whatever your parenting style.  It may be that your baby is sleeping well through the night but is struggling to settle during the day with no set nap or feeding times.  You may be getting conflicting information and are finding it difficult to be consistent as you’re not sure what to do.  Our mission is to give you the tools to help you make sense of it all and to get your baby to settle with little resistance.  So whether you are feeling completely sleep deprived or just in need of some guidance this course will help you.

Please email team@bundlelondon.com for more information.


Suitable for toddlers from ten months to three years

£65 per person



Thursday 10 October
Thursday 12 December

Why do some toddlers struggle with sleep and in fact how much sleep should your toddler be getting?  If you would like to identify why your toddler is not sleeping, learn how to encourage independent sleep and how to handle your toddler’s delaying bedtime antics amongst other things, then please do come along to this hugely informative session.

Please email team@bundlelondon.com for more information.


Nights from 9.00pm-7.00am from £170/night

If you are in desperate need of a good night’s sleep then please do let us know and we can put you in touch with a lovely night nanny to help you.  She will come to your house in the evening and spend all night tending to your baby’s needs.  She can guide and support you through all your concerns and knowing that you have a lovely professional in your home will enable you to catch up on some much needed rest.

Please email team@bundlelondon.com for more information.

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