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We know that having a baby is one of the most emotionally charged events you will ever experience.

We want to support you through this wonderful time and give you the best start possible – during your pregnancy, of course, but postnatally too when parenthood can be overwhelming, lonely and challenging.  Having access to the right support during this time can make all the difference to you and your baby’s journey and we want to help you on your way. 

As parents ourselves, we know how significant the impact of the right support can be when you’re having a baby so join Bundle and know that you will not be alone once your baby is here.  Your time with us does not stop at antenatal care.  You will make friends, enjoy social events and have the resource of our expertise at your disposal. 

We are truly passionate about healthy babies and happy parents. We really look forward to meeting you.





Co-Founder and Antenatal Teacher

Amanda is a qualified antenatal teacher and baby massage instructor and she has supported new parents for over 12 years. Being a mother of 5 herself (2 sets of twins and 1 in the middle – now all in their teens), she completely understands how challenging and wonderful parenthood can be. Amanda’s passion stems from struggling in the early days with loneliness, feelings of being out of control and trying to sift through reams of conflicting information. She believes that with the right information and guidance and surrounding yourself with like-minded people, the transition to parenthood can be a smooth and enjoyable one!



Deborah’s background is in logistics and client service. She was a board director of a hugely successful events company, leaving to concentrate on her two boys when the oldest was seven. Her role within Bundle focuses around this set of skills

A single parent in the early years of her boys growing up, she is very aware of the struggle to stay positive when things get tough and of the importance of a good support network. She and Amanda have worked together for the last four years at Lulubaby and they are both very excited to use their experience there to offer something new and exciting to London parents.



Social Media and Events Manager

Sinclair, former lawyer and most recently co-founder of leading bridesmaid brand Maids to Measure, joins our team as our social and community partner. Mother of Irish twins, Sinclair brings a real understanding of juggling babies and business and the reality of needing close friends old and new around you in your pre and postnatal journey.

Sinclair found that one of the challenges of motherhood after the initial prenatal phase and once the partner was back at work, was the feeling of isolation and finding everything overwhelming. Building networks and routines was key to this and this is why this is such an important part of Bundle. Being able to mix and chat with other mums in the same boat is of huge importance and sharing these feelings and experiences puts everything in context in an otherwise sometimes lonely period, when we quite often feel the pressure to feel quite the opposite.


Breastfeeding Specialist and Antenatal Teacher

Therese has over 15 years’ experience in teaching antenatal classes for both first and second time parents with the NCT and Lulubaby.

She is also qualified as a breastfeeding specialist and as part of her work with Lulubaby, she supported hundreds of new mums with breastfeeding in the early postnatal period.

She designed the 2nd Baby workshop herself and it has been running very successfully for several years.  She is thrilled to be now offering it as part of her work with Bundle.  As a mother of four she draws extensively on her personal experience and is planning to complete an infant sleep trainer course to add to her portfolio.



Sleep Consultant

With over 18 years of experience helping and supporting families, Charmaine understands first-hand the toll sleep deprivation has on families. She has worked for many years as a night nanny with newborns and also as a full-time, live-in nanny in families with small children. Her experience of working in various roles in early years including as head of a baby and toddler unit stands her in good stead for her work as an independent sleep consultant. In addition, she is a mother which may well be her greatest qualification! She specialises in supporting families with sleep issues using gentle, respectful, evidence-based methods of sleep shaping/training. She is a member of the IACSC (International Association for Child Sleep Consultants).


Breastfeeding Specialist

Jane is a Breastfeeding Specialist who has been volunteering as a Breastfeeding Supporter at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital on the postnatal and neonatal intensive care wards for 6 years and loves every minute of it - helping a mum to successfully feed her new baby is always rewarding at this very special time.

She is mother to three children herself and when her last child was born prematurely, an even wider experience of feeding challenges was presented to her.     He is now a strapping 18 year old!  She is calm and very reassuring and loves nothing more than helping new mums in those precious early days and weeks.  Jane has been teaching Feeding your Baby classes privately for the last four years and is happy to do home visits.



Pre and Postnatal Trainer

Charlie is the founder of Bumps & Burpees, a pre and postnatal fitness and health hub. She has been a specialist trainer for over 7 years and has worked with hundreds of new and expecting mums during this time. A firm believer in building a strong mind as well as a strong body, Charlie and her Bumps & Burpees team, work with their mums to ensure that exercise becomes part of their lifestyle before and after pregnancy. Bumps & Burpees has fast become London's go-to for pre and postnatal fitness, with high profile clients singing their praises in such publications as Tatler, Women's Health and The Evening Standard. 


General Practioner

Dr Tamsin Hayward is a GP who has worked locally in Fulham for more than 8 years. She qualified from the University of Bristol in 2004 and completed her subsequent GP training in London 6 years later.  Tamsin is passionate about empowering parents with more awareness of the potential dangers to young children in the home and ensuring they are also familiar with concerning signs and symptoms e.g. meningitis rash.

She has been teaching paediatric first aid courses for more than 6 years and is also a mum to 2 lively boys who are 4 and 6 years old which is her best qualification for teaching this invaluable class!



Women’s Physiotherapist

Clare is a Women’s Health Physiotherapist specialising in caring for women during and after pregnancy. She has worked in the field for 6 years with extensive NHS experience and has now moved into private practice at SIX Physio in Chelsea. She is mother to a two-year old daughter and has learnt first hand the physical challenge of pregnancy and motherhood.

Through her work, she is aware of how alone women can feel in the postnatal period and how they can be unsure where to get help for symptoms that are often embarrassing and difficult to talk about. She loves to support and provide rehabilitation, helping women to achieve their goals whatever their birth experience. She provides postnatal body checks for women at 6 weeks, which is a comprehensive physical assessment with tailored advice to guide return to exercise. Clare is a trained pre-and postnatal Pilates instructor and uses this extensively within her practice and values the huge benefits of Pilates in pregnancy and postnatally.


Senior Midwife

Victoria Cochrane, MSc, is an experienced midwife and antenatal educator who has worked in all areas of midwifery in several busy London teaching hospitals over the last 17 years. Victoria is incredibly passionate about supporting women to achieve their 'good birth' and know that is different for all woman.  Knowledge is power and by having evidence and information, women can then be prepared and empowered when making choices and decisions on their journey to becoming a mother.  Vicki is currently the Consultant Midwife for Normality at Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust, at both Chelsea & Westminster and West Middlesex Hospitals.  She is a mother of 3 and choose to have all her children at home.



Registered Nutritionist

With over 12 years in clinical practice Kate is a highly experienced, degree qualified registered nutritionist & nutritional therapist (mBANT & rCNHC). She lectures in child nutrition and has a special interest in nutrition during preconception, pregnancy and for optimum health through the demanding time following the birth of your baby and while breastfeeding.

Kate runs her own clinics in South West London and supports lots of families with personalised nutrition. She is thrilled to be passing her knowledge on to new mothers at Bundle to help them and their children out of the starting blocks to a healthy family life!    


Hypnobirthing Therapist

Rosie is passionate about supporting and empowering women and their partner in pregnancy, birth and beyond. She has taught hypnobirthing to over 2500 couples including friends and family of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Having previously been a BabyCalm and NCT postnatal teacher, Rosie's approach is informed by her twenty years’ experience of helping parents to have their positive birth in a complicated NHS system.   Rosie has been on numerous NHS committees working to improve that very system and still advises couples in this area. She's a clinical hypnotherapist and birth doula.



Hypnobirthing and Mindfulness

Karen Mander gave birth to her son comfortably at home at the age of 45. She believes passionately that it's not where you give birth but how you give birth.  She gently guides couples to trust their instinct and to make informed choices, assisted by practical, achievable and highly effective techniques to keep fear and anxiety at bay. Karen has been teaching hypnobirthing for 14 years and latterly, founded Breathe to a Better Birth to reach a greater number of people with an affordable, shorter, solutions-focussed and contemporary birth preparation class. This is now available as a training format. Karen is also a meditation/mindfulness teacher and spiritual mentor who believes that birth is a pinnacle life experience which is powerful and miraculous rather than flawed and imperfect. Her greatest desire is to return the trust to birth and to assist new parents to anticipate their birth with joy and excitement.  


Paediatric Dietitian

Paula is a Registered Paediatric Dietitian with 20 years of clinical experience, working in both the NHS and the private sector, as well as consulting to health charities and the food industry.

She specialises in all aspects of children’s nutrition such as infant feeding and weaning, fussy eating, food allergies, feeding problems, gastro-oesophageal reflux, toddler nutrition, iron deficiency, constipation, to name a few!

Over the years, Paula has held posts at some of London’s major teaching hospitals gaining great experience in paediatric nutrition.  She now runs an independent children’s nutrition clinic ‘Tiny Tots Nutrition’ based in Wimbledon and Walton on Thames but her best qualification is as a mum to 2 gorgeous girls, aged 9 and 12!



Counselling Psychologist

Felicity is a qualified Counselling Psychologist with over 10 years’ experience working in NHS adult mental health services. She has worked with a whole range of issues from anxiety and depression to bipolar disorder and psychosis. She has a particular interest in supporting women’s good mental health and uses models such as CBT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Compassion Focussed work to enable positive change for her clients.  

Felicity is particularly passionate about supporting first time mothers and promoting their psychological wellbeing at a time of significant change in their lives. She believes armed with the right information and tools, the transition to motherhood can be made much smoother and enjoyable.

Felicity is also a mum of two little girls aged 2 and 4 so she speaks from personal experience about the challenges and delights of motherhood!


Infant Feeding and Tongue Tie Specialist

Carmelle is an independent midwife and holds a Masters in Public Health. She has over 12 years of midwifery experience in both the NHS and is the founder of her own private practice Gentle Births and Beyond®. She is a mother to two beautiful girls, they are her world and she enjoys the life long learning that is mothering. 
She specialises in infant feeding and the assessment and division of tongue tie, to support with feeding. Her own experience of breastfeeding through to infancy, as well as ongoing breastfeeding education makes this her passion. She aims to eliminate any preexisting fears or anxieties around feeding; her knowledge and skills combined with her gentle approach and positive energy, enables her to devise an individualised plan to best support you on your feeding journey. 


Baby Massage and Yoga Instructor

Emily is a qualified baby massage and yoga instructor. 

After studying at Bath University she moved to London where she spent the first few years of her career working for a lovely British skincare company. She soon realised that her passion for hands-on care would not diminish and she decided to train as a midwife.  She completed her first year but realised that midwifery was not for her – although she has utter respect for all those amazing midwives! 

Emily completed her baby massage training soon after – she is never happier than when working with babies and young children. She also has spent time volunteering at Great Ormond Street and it is during her time there that she has truly learnt the importance of touch and the remarkable effect it can have on not just the physical but emotional development of children. 


Paediatric Physiotherapist

Amelia is a highly specialised paediatric physiotherapist with 18 years of experience working in the both the NHS and private sector. 
Amelia treats patients of all ages (day one of life to young adults) with a variety of conditions including: foetal moulding such as torticollis, preferential head turns and plagiocephaly (where the head is flattened on one side and asymmetrical). She also has much experience in treating babies born very prematurely and promoting early development. 
Amelia has two young children and so with her girls being so little and juggling work part time, she really is able to empathise with new mothers and understands the joys of the newborn alongside potential worries that can come with them! She loves treating patients and hopes to support families in the process.